United Ag & Turf proudly supports many local programs and worthwhile charitable causes.  We want to support as many as we possibly can; regretfully, due to the ever growing number of requests we receive we are unable to accommodate them all.  Here are some guidelines to follow in order for your organization to be considered.  Donations may be monetary or other.

  • The organization must be located within our stores service areas.
  • Organization must be indirectly or directly supporting the agricultural industry or a non-profit 501(C)(3). (e.g. FFA, 4H, Agrilife, Master Gardeners, Volunteer Fire Departments, Ag Mechanic Classes, Wildlife Management, Horticulture, etc.)
  • Non-Ag related 501(c)(3) must have a valid Tax Exempt ID number to be considered.  
  • The organization must not have received a donation from United Ag & Turf during the current calendar year. An organization is eligible to receive only one donation per year.
  • The request for donation must be submitted and received at least 30-days prior to the day of the event. 
  • If requesting donation of equipment usage, Utility Vehicle (John Deere Gators) or other, please be aware of the following.

Your organization will be responsible for the transportation of the UTV to and from your event.

You MAY request delivery by United Ag & Turf for a discounted fee.  

A no-charge rental agreement, pre-inspection form, and liability waivers as applicable must be signed before the UTV or Equipment may be picked up or released.

You must provide valid proof of insurance. 

Only licensed drivers over the age of 18 years may operate the utility vehicle or equipment. 

UTV and/ or Equipment will have at least a quarter tank of fuel and must be returned with the same amount of fuel as when it left.

*  Limit of two (2) UTVs per event.    

*  Limit of one (1) tractor per event.

Disclaimer: Tractors request are contingent upon current inventory at the time of the event. Model and horse power may vary. Tractors may be sold before the event and are not guaranteed.  Hauling times may vary due to seasonal schedules and may be moved as necessary.

Your organization will be responsible for any damages that occur to the equipment during event usage and negligent damage or misuse may disqualify your organization from further donations. 

To fairly distribute to as many worthy causes as possible there will be no exceptions to the above guidelines.  Please keep in mind that submission of a request does not guarantee a donation. 

United Ag & Turf is proud to be considered for contribution to your event or program.  We wish you the best with your charitable organization and fundraising efforts.