Kuhn Knight


Kuhn Knight has most complete TMR mixer line on the market today, KUHN has the right mixer to meet your needs, whether you are mixing 100% hay or 100% grain or any ration in between. The Reel Auggie and Commercial Reel Mixers provide superior mix quality. Vertical Maxx mixers mix the widest variety of feedstuffs, including round bales. The Botec 4-auger machines allow high percentages of byproducts or roughages.
Kuhn Vertical Mixers
KUHN Knight Vertical Maxx vertical mixers offer the most versatility to process and mix the widest variety of feedstuffs. This includes round bales, square bales, baleage, forages, small grains, concentrates and other hard-to-handle materials. Improved feed movement provides a fast, complete mix for a fluffy and palatable ration to put in front of your livestock.

Vertical Mixers

Kuhn 4-Auger Horizontal Mixers
The unique design of our Botec 4-auger mixers eliminates dead spots for consistent, thorough mixing. The efficient material flow also results in fast mixing and a quick, complete cleanout, saving you time and money. A lower horsepower requirement, compared to competitive models, means less fuel consumption. Another way KUHN Knight 4-auger mixers can provide cost savings to improve your bottom line!

4-Auger Horizontal Mixers

Kuhn Reel Mixers
Quality performance with the lowest possible input costs is the goal of very operation. The fast, gentle mixing of KUHN Knight reel mixers helps maximize efficiency and minimize expense. The reel and auger design eliminates much of the force and pressure seen with other mixer types. The result is low horsepower requirements and less fuel consumption for a more economical operation.

Reel Mixers