New 630FD Hydraflex™ Draper

Key Features
  • Industry-exclusive HydraFlex™ technology
  • 30-foot operating width
  • Available steel reel tine for working in tougher crops
  • Available dual knife drive

More Info


Control belt speed, side belt speed reduction and integrated belt protection all from the cab

The speed of the side draper belts can be controlled by an adjustment on the CommandARM™ controls from within the cab. Combine software gives operators the option to slow down the side belts to a fixed speed with a push of a button on the CommandARM. Additionally, a draper belt protection system is integrated into the 600FD HydraFlex™ Draper Platform family to minimize side belt damage should slippage occur.


Feature benefit:

  • Optimal performance in varying crops and conditions through side draper belt speed that ranges from 22.6 m to 228 m (74 ft to 748 ft) per minute and shows on the display in the cab
  • The center draper belt speed is fixed at 211 m (692 ft) per minute for optimal feeding to the combine feederhouse
  • Speed sensors monitor the speed of the idler rollers and should major slippage be experienced, the belts will shut off and an operator warning is shown on the CommandCenter™ display
  • Side belt speed reduction is designed to improve draper performance when the operator is not harvesting the full platform width or when coming out of a headland
  • Increased uptime as the side belt speed reduction feature is engaged/disengaged from the CommandARM controls
CommandARM controls for S700-Series CombinesCommandARM controls for S700-Series Combines
Industry-exclusive HydraFlex™ technology on 600FD

The 600FD Series HydraFlex Draper Platform features HydraFlex, an industry-exclusive hydraulic float system allowing for superior ground following capabilities over a wide range of crops and conditions.


Feature benefit:

  • The HydraFlex system hydraulically controls the float of the cutterbar by the turn of a knob in the cab for ease of operation
  • Provides exceptional cutterbar flexibility throughout the entire working pressure range for increased machine performance
  • Unique cutterbar float arms offer a dual purpose allowing for superior ground-following capabilities, plus support to the cutterbar and draper belts for increased productivity
Hydraulic cylinder in the float armHydraulic cylinder in the float arm
Float arm on 600FDFloat arm on 600FD

From the cab, the operator can simply adjust the armrest encoder knob which varies the hydraulic pressure in the float arm hydraulic cylinders. This controls the cutterbar ground pressure depending upon conditions.


With the HydraFlex float system, the operator varies the cutterbar ground pressure but does not affect the cutting height of the crop, even at high ground speeds. The hydraulic float system features a 19-cm (7.5-in.) float range, allowing for optimum float pressure. To lock out the HydraFlex draper into rigid mode, the operator increases the float pressure to maximum.

Dual knife drive is timed
Dual knife driveDual knife drive

Dual knife drive is standard on 600FD HydraFlex™ Draper Platform for harvesting rice, tough crop, and wet or green crop conditions. This unique dual knife drive system is timed, creating the smoothest possible reciprocating knife drive system currently in the industry.


Positive, reliable, power take-off (PTO) shaft and driven, dual epicyclical in-line knife drives with built-in driveline protection provides producers with the strongest knife drive system in the industry.

NOTE: Single-knife drive is available on the 630FD, but increased cutterbar vibration may occur.

Increased handling and productivity with a 41-cm (16-in.) feed drum
40.64-cm (16-in.) feed drum40.64-cm (16-in.) feed drum

The 41-cm (16-in.) feed drum improves the crop handoff from the draper belts, resulting in increased material handling and productivity of the 600FD HydraFlex™ Draper Platform.  

Feed drum retractable auger fingerFeed drum retractable auger finger

A feature for 600FD Draper Platforms is a feed drum retractable auger finger to improve crop feeding at the corners of the feed drum. In some crop conditions, the crop can hesitate at the corners of the feed drum, and the retractable drum fingers keep the crop moving into the combine. This results in smoother feeding and better performance of the combine.


Type Straight line knife drive system
Length 9.14 m
30 ft
Knife drive Dual knife base, single optional
Knife speed 490 cycles/min
Cutterbar tilt Base hydraulic, tilt maximum 9 degree (angle)
Pickup reel
Number of slats Six bat poly base, steel tine option
Fingers Nylon base, steel optional
Diameter 1,067 mm
42 in.
Height control Hydraulic
Speed control Hydraulic
Reel lift Cylinder range 185 mm
7.3 in.
Total range 251 mm
9.9 in.
Reel fore and aft Cylinder range 359 mm
14.1 in.
Total range 616 mm
24.3 in.
Reel resume Base
Reel reverse Base
Operating speeds 6-70 rpm
Operating speeds (54-in. reel)
Slat reel
Number of slats
Height control
Speed control
Operating speeds
Draper belts
Width Side belts 1,016 mm
40 in.
Center belts 1,778 mm
70 in.
Clean height Cleats 19.05 mm
0.75 in.
Operating speed Side belts: variable up to 228 m/min
748 fpm
Center belts 211 m/min
692 fpm
Speed control Hydraulic from cab (side belts only)
Center belt reverse Base
Feed drum
Diameter 414 mm
16 in.
Feed drum fingers Heavy-duty round diameter with breakaway notch and retainer 16 mm
0.625 in.
Number of fingers 20
Auger finger platform Dual chevron, retracting
Finger reach 152 mm
6 in.
Drum/auger reverse Base
Operating speed 234 rpm
Center clean out door Base
Header height sensing
Type Electro-hydraulic base
Header height sensing on the ground Base
Header height sensing off the ground
Auxiliary top auger
Type Hydraulic drive, optional
Platform length 9.9 m
32.4 ft
Overall operating depth With dividers 2.74 m
9.0 ft
Transport width, field position 10.27 m
33.7 ft
Transport width on wheel, less dividers
Transport length, hitch extended
Approximate weight (slat reel)
Approximate weight (pickup reel) Single knife drive 3,206 kg
7,609 lb
Dual knife drive 3,344 kg
7,373 lb
Approximate weight (with transport)
Approximate weight (optional 54-in. reel)

Accessories and Attachments

600 Series HydraFlex Platforms

Platform wedge kit - BH84398
Reel Position (Fore/Aft and Height) Resume for use on all 600 Series Platforms - BH84265

Three programmable reel position settings will optimize platform performance while minimizing header losses.  The operator can preselect three different reel positions for specific field conditions and can access these while harvesting, simply by touching the activation buttons on the multifunction hydro handle.


Feature benefit:

  • Three programmable positions to optimize platform performance
  • Reduces operator stress by conveniently moving the reel to a preselected position to minimize header losses
Fore-aft reel resumeFore-aft reel resume



Adjust the reel height and fore-aft position to an optimal position then press the 1, 2, or 3 button on the multifunction control lever until arrows on each side of the symbol indicates that the system is active. This will save that reel position for that button which can be done for each number on the handle.

600D Series and 600FD HydraFlex Series Draper Platforms

Narrow Body Deflectors - BXE10320

600FD Series HydraFlex Draper Platforms

Feed Drum Anti-Wrap Bundle - BXE10408
Feed drum with anti-wrap brackets installedFeed drum with anti-wrap brackets installed

The feed drum anti-wrap attachment is recommended for tall, damp crop conditions to reduce drum wrapping. The attachment consists of two brackets that mount near the outer edge of the feed drum and reduce the likelihood of crop wrapping around the drum.

Header Height Sensing in Rigid Mode (Model Year 2015 and older 630FD, 635FD, and 640FD) - BXE10738
Header Height Sensing in Rigid Mode (Model Year 2016 630FD, 635FD, 640FD and Model Year 2015 645FD) - BXE10781

Optional ground contacting sensors are available for 600FD HydraFlex™ Draper Platforms for use when the flex cutterbar is locked into the rigid position.


Feature benefit:

  • Three sensors are used for optimal performance and are found on the right-hand side, left-hand side, and center
  • Telescoping cylinder has internal spring to keep downforce on ground contacting follower
  • Increased versatility with cut height available up to a maximum height of 35.56-cm (14-in.) and sensors with easy lockout when going back into the flex mode
  • Maximum productivity and performance because the sensors are compatible with combines equipped with the lateral tilt feederhouse
Rigid header height sensingRigid header height sensing
Top Crop Conveying Auger - BXE10319
Top Crop Conveying Auger - BXE10762