A Friend in the Field: Meet United Ag & Turf

posted on Thursday, April 5, 2018 in United Ag & Turf News

How one John Deere Dealer aims to support your equipment needs in the field — for life

Just six months ago, “United Ag & Turf” was little more than a vision and the headline of some internal business documents. Way back then, our customers knew us as “Coufal-Prater” and “Brazos Valley” Equipment — dealers they knew and trusted with their equipment needs, advice on maintenance and parts and a helping hand in the fields of Central and South Texas.

Fast forward a few months (and add in a major rebranding effort), and we’re more than happy to introduce you to United Ag & Turf: A Friend in the Field and A Friend for Life. Combining the best of both dealerships, we’re poised to support any equipment needs from Fort Worth to Navasota, from Austin to Ennis and anywhere in between.

Who is United Ag & Turf? A friend in the field you can count on

At United Ag and Turf, we’re not just about selling tractors because the word friend means a lot more than that. To us, being a friend is about honesty, commitment and trust. From the moment you walk through our doors, throughout every season and the lifespan of your equipment, we’ll help you develop better solutions for your lawn, your land or your farm; your work, your herd or your properties; and—if we do our jobs right—your sanity along the way. Our expert staff has been around farming all their lives and know exactly what it takes to help make every day easier.


We’re upfront and straightforward with our customers in every aspect of our business and we want to ensure all parties are on the same page throughout the entire buying process.


We don’t take our job lightly. We know that unexpected things happen that can leave you in a bind. That’s why we’re readily available to step in and go the extra mile to lend a hand when helping a friend out.


We stand behind what we say and what we do. We’re professional, experienced and certified in our trade and provide you with only the best solutions and John Deere equipment to meets your needs.

You have all this land, but what do you do now?

large-property-maintenance-helpWe know that managing property can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to Central Texas and lack the right equipment for the task. At United, you have a friend to turn to. Whether you have 2 acres or 200, our staff has handled something similar. Most of us own land ourselves and have been doing this for years. With experts in lawn care, landscaping, hobby farming, construction site management, small and large ag, as well as parts and service, we can set you on the right path to success for every season.

We’re even taking our expertise online, right here on the United blog. We’ll be publishing as often as we can with tips, tricks and ideas for working on your land, selecting the right equipment and keeping your John Deere equipment in tip-top shape.

United Ag & Turf: Someone you can trust

The experience you get with United Ag & Turf is different than any other. We try to make you feel at home, like you’re a part of the family and a true friend. We’re motivated to provide you with the best customer service, equipment care and an understanding of your land and how to work it. We have a strong connection to what we do and know what the meaning of a long day is. It’s our way of life, and we love every moment of it. We’re here for you because we believe we’re all in this together as friends.

United Beyond Equipment: How can we help?

John-Deere-experts-Texas-wacoWe’re here to establish long-lasting relationships beyond just selling you a tractor. We never leave your side throughout the lifespan of your equipment. We pride ourselves on being there with honesty and commitment so you have someone you can trust to get the answers you need. We believe in the John Deere equipment we sell and trust the performance and abilities it offers to our customers. Call, email or visit one of our central Texas locations to see for yourself — we are here to help in any way we can.

Plus, all the “regular” John Deere Dealership stuff

Being focused on customer service means United Ag & Turf also strives to support all the typical stuff you’ve come to expect from us: from shopping online for the right piece of equipment, getting reliable service and parts, giving you the best local deals on John Deere equipment.

Promotions: Get better pricing on John Deere equipment online by checking our sales and promotions section.

Selector Tool: Answer a quick quiz to find the right John Deere for your property.

New Equipment: Shop for the latest lawn care equipment in our online showroom to see all the features and specs before you visit.

Used Equipment: Browse our latest used equipment (updated 4 times a day!) to find the right equipment within your budget.

Request a Quote: Build your equipment and get pricing on what you want, so you know exactly what you’re looking for before you even step foot through the door. Build your own tractor or custom package to meet your specific needs.

Parts and Service: Request just what you need from our huge selection of on-hand John Deere parts and keep up to date with the latest service specials to keep your equipment running like new all year.

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