Which Compact Utility Tractors Are Tough Enough for You?

posted on Saturday, May 12, 2018 in United Ag & Turf News

A Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas Shopping Guide for John Deere Tractors Under 75 hp

In our last post we shared the start of our ultimate Compact Tractor buying guide for Texans, Oklahomans and Arkansans with tips for surveying your property and determining all the chores you may need a tractor to take care of. We also covered some specifics of the 1 Family and 3 Family of John Deere Compact Utility Tractors.

Once you’re caught up, dive into the next topic: dealing with your herd, large or small.

From landscape to livestock

John_Deere_hay_barnIf you’re like most of our customers who live on 10-plus acres, you’ve got livestock on your land and need serious horsepower to keep your animals happy and healthy. With the type of work required day in and day out, our experts recommend looking at our 4000 Series or 4 Family Compact Utility Tractors for their increased lifting capacity, range of accessories and implements and bigger engines that top out at 66 horsepower. This 4 Family series of tractors doesn’t break a sweat moving 40 bags of feed into the barn, and they can lift and empty water troughs all day long before scraping pens clean, then dumping in new bedding.

Another perk? While any 4 Family Compact Tractor is a beast on the job, it can easily be pulled on a trailer with a half-ton pickup whether you’re maintaining separate properties or don’t live on your farm and like keeping your tractor at home.

John_Deere_utility_tractor_hayIf you’re moving round hay bales around, our experts insist you go with a 4 Family or a 5000 Series or 5 Family—a tractor built to handle round bales. Even if that seems like more tractor than you need, know that if you try to do too big a job on too small a tractor, you risk damaging the components, shortening the life of the equipment and jeopardizing your own personal safety. Especially when you’re livestock depends on you, think 5 to 10 years out when considering your equipment needs.

Everything’s bigger…

You’ve heard it, you’ve said it and you know it’s true: everything’s bigger in Texas (plus Oklahoma and Arkansas). In true Texan, Okie and  form, our experts recommend to all our customers that once you find exactly what you’re looking for, go ahead and bump it up by one. There’s always that chore you haven’t thought of, that job to surprise you or that friend to one-up. After all, it’s better to have too much muscle than not enough. Our experts have also seen plenty of customers come back a year or two after their initial purchase to trade their smaller tractor in for the next size up—something that isn’t always the most financially practical.

Compact Tractor Chart for Texans

Still not sure what tractor and attachments are right for you? We created this reference chart so you can find the tractor tough enough for your land and list of chores. Before you go, bookmark this page, save or share the chart to be the tractor expert of your town.

Land <5 acres 5-10 acres 10-20 acres 20+ acres
Hobbies & Chores




Leveling Paths

+Clearing debris

+Cleaning stables and troughs

+Hauling feed

+Building fences +Hauling hay bales
Livestock None 1-2 animals Small herd Full barn
Recommended Tractor 1 Family 2 Family 3 Family 4 Family
Recommended Accessories

Mower deck

Front-end Loader

Rotary tiller

+Rotary mower

+Box blade

+Post-hole digger + 3-Tine Bale Spear

Our equipment experts

Special thanks to our in-house equipment and farming experts who translated their field experience across Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas into the advice provided here. If you're still looking for more advice or want to translate this guide into the specific needs on your property, just find the compact tractor experts at a United Ag & Turf location near you and reach out.

Jeff Divin, Sales Manager, Waco Texas

Matt Cargill, Sales Manager, Bryan Texas

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