Golf & Sports Turf

You can now get the control you’ve always dreamed of on your course. Both our PrecisionCut™ and TerrainCut™ mowers feature our exclusive TechControl™ Display, allowing you to control both the speed and frequency of clip. Solutions for every field. John Deere offers sports turf field managers an impressive lineup of equipment for everything from precision mowing to aeration, raking, spraying and heavy hauling.

Golf & Sports Turf Video:

View the John Deere Golf & Sports Turf short videos and all that they can offer you. If you have more questions, contact your local United Ag and Turf dealership today!

Accuracy with every pass John Deere ProGator GPS PrecisionSprayer

Golf course spraying at another level: with our new ProGator GPS PrecisionSprayers, you'll discover ease of operation, thanks to our AutoTrac Guidance system; more accuracy with our individual nozzle control; and with our proven StarFire™ receiver, the confidence to better track and manage all of your spraying.

OnLink On The Go Workboard Updates John Deere Golf

Don’t spend your day driving back and forth between the course and your crew room, updating the workboard. Update your workboard the easy way with OnLink On-The-Go Workboard Updates.

The OnLink Golf Course Management Solution Overview John Deere Golf

Predicting unpredictable weather. Irrigation costs. Labor costs. Balancing crew hours. Keeping up with your Equipment Tech’s maintenance schedule. See your course more clearly than ever before. Check out why if it’s on your mind, it’s OnLink.

OnLink OnEquip John Deere Golf

See how managing equipment assignments, maintenance schedules and hours just got easier with John Deere OnLink OnEquip. And see why if it’s on your mind, it’s OnLink.

OnLink OnLabor John Deere Golf

Balancing your crew hours and labor costs have never been more manageable. See how John Deere OnLink OnLabor can help. Just another reason why if it’s on your mind, it’s OnLink.