The Land Is Now Yours

The Land Is Now Yours
The ink isn’t even dry yet on the purchase and yet the impending question is looming over head. What do we do with this piece of earth we have acquired, with this dirt which is now ours?
Land, control of it has been the goal for thousands of years. Land, the commodity which can be costly yet secretly hold an infinite return. This land is now yours and now you get to decide how to make it work best for you.
On the Road to Discovery:
Here are some questions you may ponder as your path of discovery unfolds. Is this land going to be your home, your get-a-way or your source of income? How is this land zoned? How much unobstructed land do you have? Are there 15-acres but 5-acres are completely wooded with a 1-acre pond? What surrounds the property; grazing land, wildlife refuges, major roadways? Are there any rights-of-way which must be maintained? These questions will start you on the path of understanding how to use your land.
Will it be your home?
If you are making a home, understanding your tract of land and how to clear it will be essential. What is the straightest path for utilities? Which path will work best for your drive? Would a road grader or box blade be helpful? What angle will keep the sun out of the kitchen during dinner? What is lowest elevation away from the home site for the septic?
Will it be used for recreation?
If your using your land for recreation, knowing how to maintain your land with minimal effort is key. What is the most efficient piece of equipment for maintaining the pasture areas? Maybe a rotary cutter or grooming mower. What size of equipment do you need? What chemicals or plants do you need to maintain a balanced stock pond? Maybe an aerator would be helpful. What do you watch for on the trees which may be susceptible to disease? What supplies do you need for maintaining a fence line? May be cattle panel, post hole digger, tension rod or liquid weed and feed? Who is the closest neighbor you can give contact information to in case of an emergency?
Will it be used for production?
If your land is going to produce income, understanding how to maximize it is vital. Will the land be an orchard? Who can help me map out the lines? Will it be crop land? How do you maximize the yield? What equipment do you need? A no-till drill, a planter, or would it be better to utilize a custom harvester? Will the land be used for hay and forage? What size tractor do you need? Do you need a hay cutter, rake and a tedder? Will it be silage, and do you need a round baler or square baler? Do you really need a loader with a hay tractor? How can you get the most out of your acreage? May be integrated solutions and farming software. Could it be used for timber land? Should you lease your land for someone else to work? Would livestock be a good option? The options are endless.
Who can help?
Knowing and understanding the value of your land to you is essential to loving your land. And knowing where to find your resources to help you on this journey is pivotal. Get to know your extension office, your neighbors, your Farm Bureau agents, the local folks at your local feed store and the folks at your preferred equipment dealer. These are the folks who will help you with all your land questions and how maximize its potential.
Contact an equipment expert
If you are looking for more advice for specific needs on your property, you can contact a utility tractor expert at a United Ag & Turf Location near you.